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Iker’s exclusive interview with Canal+ | 06.10.2014 (x) (x)
I feel it’s a bit unfair to call me mole but I have to understand & accept some people’s opinion. It hurts me when my Madridismo is questioned. Real Madrid has given me everything. It was hard to be called a mole and I like to think that neither Mourinho nor the president Florentino believed this. The public is demanding, I know it and accept it, but I have my little heart & it hurts when me Madridismo is questioned.”

We (Arbeloa and Iker) have disagreements on the visions of the squad but today things are friendly and polite. In the match against Ludogorets our relationship was fluid. Away from football our relationship is not the same as it was years ago but it is cordial.”

“(Whistles from the fans) It hurts. I have been here since I was nine years old, I have got many things with this club and it has been a springboard to the national team for me. The public are free to do what they want but it also hurts. Being here so long also means I have to accept certain things.”

Mourinho and I never crossed a word out of press conferences. I chose not to reply to Mourinho for the good of the club, I did not want to add fuel to the fire. (…) We never told Florentino that we wanted Mourinho to leave, He’s one of the best coaches I’ve had. Surprisingly when I was injured my relationship with Mourinho was good and we talked everyday. And when I recovered, Mr Karanka said Mourinho didn’t feel I was highly competitive, and from here everything started. My mates looked to me and they always thought why this is happening with me and not them too. (…) During my injury I was a bit isolated. I asked to travel as I like to be with the team, I didn’t not feel unwanted but isolated.”

I thought about leaving Madrid but then I said to myself ‘no’, I have to fight and be reborn. Madrid is my home, like a property. I don’t have a team from my barrio (district). You wouldn’t understand my life without Madrid. (…) I intent to end my career in Madrid.”

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1999 to 2014

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Iker Casillas & Isco on the bench against France | 04-09-14

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Iker Casillas the captain of Real Madrid, lifts the trophy following his team’s 2-0 victory during the UEFA Super Cup between Real Madrid and Sevilla.

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this is our captain reacting to modric’s new contract


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