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25/12/13 @ 6:24am • 5339 ♥
I had another dream


There was a whole backstory to it which I partly don’t remember, and what I do remember isn’t all that interesting, but there was a distinct part near the end where some crazy bitch was leaving blood trails outside of our house and on the doorstep and shit. Like hand prints of blood.

And Grace, Naomi and myself were in some sort of pod/bed/cubicles lined up in a row and we woke up and there was a man standing in each of our pods.
They weren’t real people, they were bionic or something, but this archnemesis bitch had designed what was supposed to be our ideal men.
(?…I have no idea why. My brain works in strange ways).

Naomi’s looked vaguely like Brian Fallon but with sharper features.
Grace’s was some sort of model on Syn Gates.
And I don’t know who mine was based on, but he was pretty tall and kind of stocky. No real trace of a beard but he had long-ish blonde hair. (Made me think of Thor…?)

A lot more weird shit happened.
But that was essentially the climax.

What the fuck, mind?

when I read that I thought of Thor too. Brilliant.